About Us

Unparalleled customer experiences happen to be the cornerstone of unprecedented success. And thatís what Dolphin Digital Signage helps you achieve. As the pioneering digital signage solution providers, we at Dolphin pride on our highly passionate and dedicated team of digital signage experts.

Our in depth knowledge and professional experience add to our expertise, thus helping us emerge as the front runners in the market. We aim towards motivating and engaging your audience, which inevitably helps you improve your visibility as well as visitor experiences.

Why Choose Dolphin

  • Dolphin prides on its unique and extensive clientele-base. Organizations belonging to various sectors opt for our services when it comes to creating a distinctive niche for their products.
  • Catering to business needs: At Dolphin, we strive hard towards adding value to your organization. We will hate to offer something that wonít be of any use to you. Our digital signage solutions are developed and designed according to the targeted requirements of your venture.
  • Service first: Dolphin simply doesnít create visual representations for your dream venture. Rather, it works hard towards creating experiences. We will make sure you receive a highly successful deployment, thus extending complete support at every stage of the process.

Our Area of Expertise

A visually attractive, compelling, and stunning digital signage can speak a thousand words about your dream venture. At Dolphin, we extend our services to various companies across industry verticals. Our areas of expertise include the creation of:

We develop a unique interface for unified communications. From desktops to Smartphones and room signs, our digital signage will facilitate communications anywhere and everywhere.
The highly proficient team at Dolphin strives hard towards simplifying business communications. Our unique digital signage solutions will help you achieve unified business communications in your specific environment.
Our interactive room sign models will help you create the best e-paper signs and walk-up reservations. Most importantly, all our digital signage solutions are highly affordable.
We will take up your digital signage creation project right from the scratch. From active consultation to creation as well as configuration to training, we render useful assistance at every stage.