Frequently Asked Questions

Digital signage is a wide variety of dynamic content shown on digital displays with the goal of delivering specific messages to targeted audiences at specific times.
Digital signage would be an excellent platform to advertise your business , if you have multiple messages or promotions , which needs to be changed frequently or need to engage people while they wait in line.
In fact, Digital signage provides a comparatively low cost method of Advertising. It is the second fastest growing advertising platform in the world. Research show that visual display has significant influence on brand recognition and purchase decisions. For example, look at some statistics from Nielson research :68% customers agree digital signage influence their decision to buy, 70% of the US residents 12 years or older have seen a digital video display in a public place in the past month, 52% recall seeing one in the last week. Digital signage can greatly complement your static signs and provides an optimum way to educate, inform and entertain viewers using motion graphics ,images and color.
Content for digital signage can include text, photos, eye-catching motion graphics, video clips, live feeds , interactive contents and the list keep expanding day by day.. Digital sign content can be used to communicate product information, safety reminders, employee updates, shows & event promotions, weather, news, survey results, testimonials, room or office locations, and much more.
Dolphin Digital signage can be used for indoor events, in corporate offices, manufacturing warehouses, healthcare facilities, restaurants, retail, schools,hotels and campuses. It can be used for wayfinding, décor, branding, compliance and education.In short, wherever you want to make an impact on your audience , you can use Dolphin products and services. In addition, Dolphin Ad Network can be used to reach people where they shop, meet, visit, and work
Dolphin provides total hassle free, turn key yet customizable solutions in digital signage for businesses and advertisers. The integration of our world class ,high aesthetic display products ,seamless remote management system, a team of talented professionals and unparalleled customer support is our core virtue.
All our signage systems are connected to the signage software over the internet. Content is updated and scheduled via the web-based software.As soon as the content is changed and saved at the software, it is almost immediately pushed to the system. That’s the advantage of remote operation
Currently, Dolphin Digital Signage solutions include Dolphin Ad network, Kiosk and video wall rental and long term lease, Video wall installation, outdoor monument LED digital signage. All systems are completely managed by Dolphin Remote Operational Management System(DROMS)
Our ads are not priced to be exclusive by industry, however, exclusivity can be negotiated.