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Currently, businesses who predominantly focus Southeast Asian customers do not have an affordable medium to tell their story through visual media. Reaching out to this population through Television Advertisement is not a financially viable option.

Dolphin provides an exciting new method to reach out to this exclusive market, through stunning visual media in a cost-effective way. We have partnered with major Southeast Asian Stores, restaurants, banquet halls and movie theaters with regular high foot traffic for digital display of your products, services, upcoming shows, events, fundraising and any other projects need to be advertised to this high purchase power group.

Cost comparison

Paper Flyer Dolphin AD network Local Television AD
30,000/over a month 30,000 impressions/month 10 sec AD depends on popular Show & hour monthly In most cases unable to modify AD
Printing cost $7500 - $9,000 10 locations Need to use AD agency
Distribution cost 3000 copies/location $3,000-$5000($300/location 10 sec/Impression Modify AD anytime Play slide, animation, video  
Total : $10,500- $14,000 Total : $500-$1,000 Total : $9,000- $140,000